Build incredible Discord integrations, faster and simpler than with any other library.

npx create-conflict-app

Conflict is the Discord framework for beginners

Create a command with as little as 6 lines of code.

import Command from 'conflict/commands';

export default new Command({
    name: 'helloworld',
    description: 'Hello, world!',
    execute: command => command.respond('Hello, world!')
Compare to 40+ lines in other libraries →

Conflict has all the new features

Use new features like modals with as little as 13 lines of JSX.

    <Button onclick={(event) => {
            <Modal title="I'm a modal" onSubmit={(form) => {
                form.respond('You just submitted! Here\'s the data: ' + JSON.stringify(form.values));
                    <TextInput label="Text input" placeholder="Input some text!" variant="input" name="text_input" />
    }} variant="cta">Open Modal</Button>
Compare to hundreds of lines in other libraries if it's even supported